waltzmatildah (waltzmatildah) wrote in breakingbad_art,

[meta rec] Disability and Breaking Bad (by sistermagpie)

Title | Disability and Breaking Bad
Author | sistermagpie
Type | Meta
Rating | PG
Characters | Walt Junior, Walt, Hank, Hector
Link | To dreamwidth here
Why this must be read | This meta provides an interesting insight into the way disability [and masculinity] is treated in this show, and the stark [and hopefully deliberate?!] contrast that exists between Walt Jnr., and, well, basically everyone else. It really gave me a new perspective from which to consider Walt Jnr., who I'll admit to not being particularly enamoured of in the past [mostly because he just turns up to whine or eat food the majority of the time!]. Anyway, as there is not nearly enough fan-meta out there for this show, I thought I'd link this here in the hope that others may enjoy it and be inspired to write their own!
Tags: author: sistermagpie, character: hank schrader, character: hector "tio" salamanca, character: walter "flynn" white junior, character: walter white, type: meta
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