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Hi everyone! Right now Remix is taking nominations for qualifying fandoms for this year's exchange. If you haven't done Remix before, the idea is it's an exchange where you write a remix of one of your recipient's fanworks, like maybe you take a story they wrote from Walt's POV and rewrite it from Jesse's POV, or you write a steampunk AU of their story, or you write what happened before their story, or just anything like that. (More details here, in the profile for the last Remix.)

To qualify in a fandom, you need to have written at least five 500 word stories or seven 100 word stories in that fandom.

If you qualify in Breaking Bad and are interested in participating, please nominate it here!

If you've never done Remix before, it's really fun! It's probably my favorite fic exchange, and I would love to have some Breaking Bad participants! (I'm not involved with Remix in any kind of administrative way, so if you have specific questions about the exchange, aim them at remixers_lounge.)
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